I'm a product and graphic designer who loves to escape to the mountains and forests, as I've had plenty of adventures in them since I was a kid. In 2011 I temporarily moved far away from the hills, to NYC. To compensate, I welcomed the opportunity to get to Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains in summer. In 2015 I came back to Europe and upgraded my hiking equipment with a stroller and baby carrier. I returned to design and outdoor activities in 2020, with my kids hot on my heels. :)

I've been a Girl Scout since I was a little girl. Thanks to that, I spent part of my life in the forests and mountains with a backpack on my back. Scouting is also connected with the name of the company SWISTE, which until recently was the company of our programming family Svišťov (the Marmots). Towards the end of college, scouting gave way to frisbee, and I spent most of my free time at tournament fields rather than in mountain. Besides my hobbies, I've had some time left for serious stuff like programming, parenting, and teaching computer science.