Backpack Organizer

Travel helper - pack your wallet, passport,, keys, phone. You can carry the whole pouch in your backpack, so it doesn't bump on your side during a long walk. You arrive at the gallery or museum, leave the backpack in the cloakroom and continue on only with this pouch. In addition to a reversible purse, it can be used as an organizer for electronics, toiletries, or as a first aid kit. The drawstrings can easily be rolled out and rolled up as needed.

Volume: 1 litre
Weight: 76 grams
Dimensions: 19 x 21 x 3 cm (h x w x d)

Outer material: CORDURA® 330D or CORDURA® 500D *
Inner material: Nylon 210D (100% polyamide, PU coating)

Petrol, Pink, Ranger: CORDURA® 330D, 100% polyamide, AC coating
Antrhacite, Black: CORDURA® 500D, 100% polyamide, PU coating

Drawstring cord system

All pockets in this series are compatible with our cord system - they can be worn as small document pouches either cross shoulder or around the neck.

The drawstrings are prepared with a stopper knot at one end. Just put the loose ends of the cords through the red side loops on the pouch, slip on the cord lock buckle and tie a simple knot at the end of the cords.

For Backpack Organizer, the cords are automatically included, for others pockets please order them separately.

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