Card Pocket

Small pocket for credit cards, money or other small items.

Passport Pocket

Pocket adapted to the size of the passports.

Pencil Case

A pencil case that can easily transform into a small handbag or a hygiene bag.

Backpack Organizer

A pocket for documents or various small items that you pack in your backpack or sling over your shoulder.


Drawstring cord system

All pockets in this series are compatible with our cord system - they can be worn as small document pouches either cross shoulder or around the neck.

The drawstrings are prepared with a stopper knot at one end. Just put the loose ends of the cords through the red side loops on the pouch, slip on the cord lock buckle and tie a simple knot at the end of the cords.

For Backpack Organizer, the cords are automatically included, for others pockets please order them separately.